The advantages of water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is one of our core competences and we offer it for numerous applications of commissioned work.

The state-of-the-art water jet cutting technology is virtually suitable for almost all materials. No tools are used for this method, rendering the procedure extremely cost-effective.

During the process of water jet cutting a concentrated water jet is shot from a nozzle at high pressure (up to 6000 bar) onto the material to be cut. The cutting performance is improved by adding an abrasive medium (garnet sand) to the water. Modern CNC-controls determine the cutting contour. This technology is always used in situations, where other cutting procedures reach their limit, e.g. when processing very thick, strongly reflecting or extremely good heat-conducting materials.

The water jet cutting technology is a unique, future-oriented and environmentally friendly way to provide a high degree of automation when cutting any type of material. To produce a water jet, water is compressed up to a pressure of 4200 bar. Depending on the processing requirements and optimal use of material, the water is pressed through a nozzle with a diameter of 0.08 – 0.4 mm. In this process pressure energy is transformed into kinetic energy. In this process the cutting jet achieves an acceleration of 900 m/s – which equals about a triple speed of sound in the air.

The abrasive cutting method is used to cut compact and hard materials such as metal, hard stone, bulletproof glass, ceramics etc. For this method natural sand is added to the water jet in a mixing chamber, causing micro-planing.

Advantages of the water jet cutting technology

  • Cold separation without heat affected zones
  • No deformation in the area of cutting
  • Highly precise up to 0.03 mm
  • Low cutting kerf width
  • Any contour
  • Any material
  • Fast production of prototype
  • Flexible finishing
  • Optimal use of material
  • A maximum of 4 cutting heads in parallel

Pure water cuts textiles, elastomers, fibre material, thin plastics, paper, thermoplastics and others.

We offer all these advantages in combination with our technical know-how to you as your competent and strong partner to solve your processing tasks.

Examples of materials and possible cutting speeds

Stainless steel 10 mm 230 mm/min
40 mm 50  mm/min
Titan 10 mm 270  mm/min
40 mm 55  mm/min
Aluminium 10 mm 700  mm/min
40 mm 140  mm/min
Marble 10 mm 800  mm/min
40 mm 150  mm/min
Glass 10 mm 600  mm/min
40 mm 120  mm/min
Rubber 2 mm 25.000  mm/min
10 mm 10.000  mm/min
Plastics 2 mm 6.000  mm/min
(PTFE/PVC) 5 mm 4.000  mm/min
2 mm 25.000  mm/min
Plywood 10 mm 800  mm/min
10 mm 25.000  mm/min
Foam 100 mm 5.000  mm/min

By using our high-performance finishing processes we are in a position to cut parts up to 6,000 x 3,000 mm with the water jet cutting method; oxygen- and plasma cutting up to 12,000 x 3,000 mm.