The company

CAN Industrie-Service emerged from a management buy-out in 1994.

In the finishing sector today we focus – amongst others – on the design and manufacture of steel constructions as well as special apparatuses and plant engineering in compliance with all national and international standards and calculation guidelines.

By now the company is also well-known as a specialist for the construction of stationary and mobile measuring sections.

But the sections Cutting, Deformation, and Commissioned Work are also an important part of the company.

Various cutting and burner-cutting machines increased the facilities in the section of Commissioned Work enormously over the past few years, achieving an increase in sales.

Today, the company has 35 employees, produces internationally in compliance with ISO 9001, the European standard DIN EN 13445 for unfired pressure vessels and has a company-internal Quality Assurance.

Can Mityesoglu

Managing Director

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Ilyas Mityesoglu

Managing Director

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Meryane Rettberg

Human Resources Management

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Kai Uwe Hahn

Production Planning

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Thorsten Roeberg

Production Planning

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Dipl. Ing. Corc Sinemli

Production Planning

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Dennis Mityesoglu

Production Planning

Bernd Wagner

Quality Management

Daniel Mityesoglu


Susanne Firsatbul


Vladimir Filbert


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Regina Märker


Adriano Coger


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