Since 1994 we have been known and made a name for ourselves within the section of plant engineering, apparatuses and pressure vessel constructions, well appreciated by end customers, because we are able to provide solutions even for rather complex problems.

Flexibility is our strength

Flexibility, unconventional thinking and skilled craftsmanship provide technically sound solutions to comply with our customers‘ high expectations. Apart from our excellent products we also offer a perfect service. If we are unable to produce a work piece at our premises, we go to the customer and produce it there and then. A smooth assembly on site is carried out in accordance with the customer. Perfectly coordinated safety and quality tests in compliance with the relevant standards and requirements, manufacture, surface treatment (pickling, sandblasting, glass-bead blasting, etc.), maintenance and repair – all from one source.

Water Jet Cutting Technology

The water jet cutting technology is the unique future-oriented way to achieve a high automation when cutting all types of materials.

  • Cold separation without heat affected zones
  • No deformation in the area of cutting
  • High precision up to 0.03 mm
  • Any shapes
  • All types of materials
  • Fast production of a prototype
  • Flexible finishing
  • Optimal use of material
  • Work piece reception space 6000 mm x 3000 mm

As your competent and efficient partner we make all these benefits and our technical know-how available to you to solve your processing tasks.

Surface Treatment

Grinding and Polishing Plants

  • Max. 5000 mm
  • Min. 450 mm
  • Blasting plant
  • Corundum / Glass


  • Dip: 8.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m in depth
  • Pickling spray: any size
  • Passivating: any size


Combined varnishing and drying plant

  • 5 x 5 x 17 m

Rolling / Reshaping

Diameter and length depend on the material thickness


  • Ø 290 mm, L=2000 mm, thickness up to 10 mm
  • Ø 360 mm, L=3000 mm, thickness up to 10 mm
  • Ø 3500 mm, L=3000 mm, thickness up to 25 mm


CNC – cutting plant

  • W= 3000 mm
  • Up to a thickness of between 1mm – 16mm


Working welding seams to match all geometrical shapes

  • Maximum planing length 9000 mm


Modern CNC – plasma cutting plant with Kelberg cutting head and power source.

  • L= 6000 mm
  • W= 3000 mm
  • Up to a material thickness of 40mm


  • Carousel lathe up to Ø 3000 mm
  • Headstock lathe up to Ø 1000 mm
  • Processing centre 2500 x 3500 mm

Welding centre

Tungsten-Inert Gas / Metal Inert Gas / Metal Active Gas welding, electric welding, submerged arc welding

  • Approval for all standard materials
  • Qualified and approved welders
  • Welding engineers


CNC – cutting plant

  • L= 12000 mm
  • W= 3000 mm
  • Up to a material thickness of 20 mm

Quality Assurance

  • Pressure test with water
  • X-ray test
  • Ultrasound test
  • Leakage test
  • Dye-penetration test
  • Magnetic particle test
  • Hardness test
  • Surface roughness measuring
  • Endoscoping

Mechanical technological tests are carried out in test laboratories (e.g. TUV – Technical Monitoring). Preparing quality control schedules, as well as a complete documentation of all materials used.


Industrial plants and centrifuges are assembled and serviced in compliance with the UVV (Accident Prevention Regulation).

Final Assembly

We assemble your apparatus on site upon your request!